The "Sustainability" component of MYFOODFORMULA is about becoming a more conscious food consumer. The types of foods we choose to eat, and where we choose to get them from can make a real difference to the health of our lands and oceans, and also impact the foods we can find and afford to buy in our local markets. By changing your food purchasing habits, and choosing to buy or grow foods that support environmental and social health, you can reshape the way you think about and interact with food. The more conscious consumers there are, the more demand there will be for and variety of affordable, healthy foods grown or sourced in a way that is sustainable both now and in the future.  

If Sustainability fits into your food formula,  topics covered can include:

  • elements of a sustainable diet
  • buying local
  • decreasing food waste
  • growing your own foods
  • interpreting food labels e.g. "sustainably sourced" 
  • vegetarianism