The "Athletic" component of MYFOODFORMULA spans right from recreational athletes competing in local sports competitions and events, all the way to elite athletes competing on the world stage. When exercise is a larger component of your food formula, knowledge about how to set your body up for success prior to exercise, how to maintain energy levels during exercise, and how to refuel your body after exercise will become vital for long term sporting success. Different energy systems come into play depending on the intensity, duration and location of your exercise, which means the types of foods your body needs will also differ. But not to worry - this will be factored in to maximise sporting performance.

If Athletic fits into your food formula, topics covered can include:

  • nutrition for strength and conditioning training
  • nutrition for endurance training 
  • recovery nutrition
  • hydration strategies and sweat rate calculations
  • nutrition for multi-day tournaments and specific sporting events
  • nutrition for fat loss (and muscle maintenance)
  • body fat percentage tracking
  • travel nutrition