Healthy Choices Made Easy

This week saw the launch of the Healthy Choices initiative in Dunedin, New Zealand. Myfoodformula is working alongside some driven and talented local start ups to bring affordable health care to Dunedinites.

The best part? YOU get to choose the elements of health you most want to prioritise. We give you four options, and leave it to you decide which two are most important.

This initiative works on so many levels. Small and emerging local businesses working together, the public gaining access to affordable healthcare, and the community as a whole being steered towards greater health and well-being.

I really hope everyone gets on board and takes advantage of the chance to better their energy levels, mood, and vitality while increasing community support and social engagement. Here's to a fitter, finer, and more fabulous Dunedin community.

For enquiries and feedback on the initiative, please get in touch with us here at MFF (

Yours sustainably,


Healthy Choices Kickstarter Collaboration 2017.png