The "Health & Lifestyle" component of MYFOODFORMULA applies to anyone wanting to maximise there energy levels and minimise their chronic disease risk. If you want to be able to concentrate for longer, have a more balanced mood throughout the day, wake up feeling ready and able to take on the day's challenges, and eat in a way that protects your body from inflammation and balances your hormone levels - then Health & Lifestyle just became a part of your food formula. Lifestyle elements such as work stress, food affordability, cooking skills, allergies, food preferences and food environments (the places and surroundings that will influence the foods available to you as you go about your daily life) will all be considered to find the best food and nutrition solutions for your specific needs.

If Health & Lifestyle fits into your food formula, topics covered can include:

  • dietary analysis, evaluation and recommendations 
  • nutrition for healthy weight loss
  • family nutrition
  • tips for eating out
  • market tours
  • nutrition for pregnancy