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You're unique. your diet should be too.

Every person has different food and nutrition goals. Some are looking to boost athletic performance, others to balance energy levels and mood, others to avoid illnesses that run in the family, others to nourish a new or growing family - the list goes on.

What’s more, people are dynamic by nature – most don’t fit into just one of the categories mentioned above. Our world now includes mothers-of-four training for marathons; environmentally-conscious consumers looking to maintain healthy body weights; and business employees looking for fast, healthy meals that also fuel their bodies for Thursday night competitive sport.

Inevitably, we are living in a faster-paced, better connected world and nutrition consultations need to move with the times. So, here at Myfoodformula we offer nutrition advice online through Skype. This way we can reach even the busiest, most transitional and even international clients needing a hand with their diet and lifestyle choices.

Hence, the birth of the “food formula” concept – discovering that perfect food, nutrition, and lifestyle mix to match your unique nutritional needs and food preferences, available online and in person in selected locations.

The Myfoodformula philosophy is to guide each and every client along a tailored diet and lifestyle journey that will work best for the individual. No two meal plans, group seminars, market tours or private consultations are the same - because there is no reason why they should be.

It’s time to own your diet.



the team


Hi there, I'm Hannah, a qualified nutritionist and founder of Myfoodformula (MFF). I have a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Otago, and have worked as a community nutritionist, sport and exercise nutritionist, group fitness instructor, and nutrition researcher. I spent the past couple of years in Europe working to bring more diverse, nutritious, and sustainably grown foods back into national food systems. It was during this time that the idea of an online, highly accessible nutrition service that can cater to all age groups, lifestyles, motivations and dietary goals came to me.

It simply made sense; why offer just one type of nutritional service when you can offer several! The great thing is, with such a mixture of nutrition experience I can match food and nutrition advice to a person's athletic, health and lifestyle, and food sustainability goals -  and ensure everything is well-aligned for success.

I invite you to take a look at the site; browse through the MYFOODFORMULA Philosophy, Services and Testimonials; be bold and Book Online to secure either your online Skype appointment or in-person nutrition service; or get in touch at info@myfoodformula.com if you have any questions. Most of all, I invite you to seize the opportunity to partake in your very own food and nutrition journey - and start learning how to take ownership of your diet and lifestyle choices.

All the very best.



Hi everyone! I’m Tamzin, and I am excited to be a part of the Myfoodformula team based in Wellington. I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from the University of Otago, and believe in a holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. For the past two and a half years, I have been co-running Barre Base, an exercise programme based on barre-fitness, stretch and mobility in Dunedin, and have contributed to the Barre Base blog with nutrition and holistic health content. My sporting background is in professional dance and horse riding, where complementary nutrition has played an important role in performance success. 

What's my nutrition philosophy?

That nutrition isn’t a "one size fits all" - it is specific to the individual with many factors coming into play. The fad diets that get pushed these days aren’t necessarily sustainable for everyone, or for the planet, which is something important to think about when it comes to making dietary changes and food choices. I am a big advocate for eating whole foods, bringing it back to basics, then adding on to suit your individual needs. 

With knowledge and experience in nutrition, fitness instruction and natural health supplements, I can offer my knowledge to you to create healthy eating and lifestyle habits you can carry with you through life.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to discover your food formula, reach your goals, and achieve an overall healthier lifestyle.


Sophie C profile.jpg

Kia ora, my name is Sophie and I lead the Dunedin branch of the Myfoodformula team. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics, and a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Otago. I have worked as a clinical dietitian in mental health, and am currently practicing as a Public Health Dietitian.

I have a passion for healthy, and sustainable local food systems. My work in public health aims to change the larger system, however, I look forward to helping individuals learn more about sustainable healthy eating and meeting their personal goals.  I also have a strong interest in mental health and wellbeing in relation to food. Eating well means different things for everybody, and I am a strong believer that eating well should not feel like a chore or a diet. We eat to live, not live to eat!

I look forward to using Myfoodformula’s holistic approach to give dietary advice about what kind of eating style will best suit your goals. I will be available in Dunedin for Skype appointments or in-person consultations at antidote pharmacies. 



ONLINE services

Initial consultation*

Discover your food formula through a full diet and lifestyle assessment, and receive an exemplar day of eating tailored to your food formula. Consultations are completed online through a Skype or phone call, unless you live in the same place as us! In which case, we are more than happy to meet you in person.

45-60 minutes


Follow-up consultation*

Keep on track towards your food and nutrition goals, and receive a complimentary recipe that fits your food formula

20-30 minutes


Event nutrition

Nutritional advice for specific sporting (e.g. tournaments and race day nutrition) and life events

30-45 minutes


Meal plans 

One, three or seven days of planned eating tailored to your food formula,  with a complimentary shopping list and cooking tips 

20-45 minutes


Pantry overhaul

Real-time assessment of your kitchen pantry via Skype on your smartphone, with suggestions for improvements and food substitutions.

20-30 minutes


Supermarket trolley inspection

Real-time inspection of the food items in your trolley via Skype on your smartphone, with suggestions for smart food swaps and food combinations that enhance nutrition.

20-30 minutes


Group cooking and meal recommendations

Discussion and advice about how to create healthy meals in group cooking and eating situations, from household dinners to university hall menus to restaurant ordering and catering services.

Group meals:

30-45 minutes

Menus and food ordering:

price and time according to requirements, email info@myfoodformula.com for more information. 

* body measurements and percentage body fat calculation can be completed intermittently  by a personal trainer upon request

in-person services

Sweat rate session

Discover your personal sweat rate during a workout or training session, and learn techniques to ensure adequate rehydration post-exercise

120 minutes, maximum 12 people


Market tour

Supermarket or local market tour including how to interpret food labels, market traps to look out for, and advice on quick, healthy meal ideas

45-60 minutes, minimum 3 people


Group seminars

Sport, health and lifestyle, and/or sustainability-themed interactive seminars tailored to any audience (e.g. sports teams, community groups, corporate employees, school health classes, non-profit organisations)

- priced according to specific requirements and location. Email info@myfoodformula.com for more information. 





Health & Lifestyle

"I first came to Hannah for nutrition advice to lose weight in conjunction with what I was already doing at the gym. After seeing her I really understood the ratio of different types of nutrients, portion sizes and how to adjust my gym workouts to assist my weight loss goal - she explained it all in simple language!  From each session I took away new information, recipes and food ideas; from a list of healthy foods for a week of camping to specific recommendations on the healthiest yoghurt at the supermarket (DeWinkel unsweetened; it’s still my favourite).  Hannah is extremely supportive, knowledgeable, relatable and enthusiastic; she really makes it your specific nutrition journey.  For instance, the low carbohydrate diet I had been following made me gain weight not lose it. Instead of pushing me to continue with what works for most people, she revised the plan to suit my body.  She also gave me great information on essential nutrients for pre-pregnancy and during each trimester.  I highly recommend her!"


Health & Lifestyle x Athletic

"While going to the gym twice a day (morning and night) 3 days a week, training for rugby twice a week and working full time as a builder, maintaining a good healthy body weight for sports and energy levels for training/work and everyday life was a challenge. I was advised by a friend to see Hannah and she was awesome! Professional and bubbly, I told her that I didn't want to take any supplements during this period which was no problem. Hannah constructed an eating plan that was quick, affordable and delicious which worked in perfectly around training and work. I gained an extra 2 kilos of muscle to my healthy body weight, and I could also enjoy work and training again due to satisfied energy levels."


Health & Lifestyle x Athletic x Sustainability

"I came to see Hannah when I started losing weight and energy through the training I was doing for roller derby. The physicality of the sport meant my performance on the track was really suffering. I considered myself a healthy (vegetarian) eater, and I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. Hannah suggested some significant - and to me unexpected - changes to my diet, and worked with me to implement these changes in a way that would suit my lifestyle and budget. I quickly noticed significant improvements to my energy levels, and through continued work with Hannah I have even managed to gain some healthy weight - and keep it! My dietary changes are now well engrained into my daily routines. Hannah is friendly and easy to talk with, and goes out of her way to answer or research any odd questions. She has helped me achieve my goals, and work towards some new ones, and I am incredibly happy with the impact seeing Hannah has had on my sports training and everyday life."


Health & Lifestyle

"I joined the gym to get physically fit and also to lose the extra weight I put on after I gave up smoking. I never used to eat breakfast, and I would eat snacks and junk food at all different times of the day, and a lot of high in sugar and fat foods. I had set a goal weight of 85 kg, and with Hannah's help and advice and some hard work at the gym I am now under my goal weight. Hannah helped me with choosing the right foods, and the best times to eat them, catering for all scenarios from camping to planning my every day meals, appropriate portions, and of course knowing what to look for when choosing food at the supermarket. It wasn't really hard at all to stick to my diet because of how good I felt eating all the right food and seeing the results I wanted. I learned that something as simple as eating breakfast every day can change a whole days eating pattern. All this coupled with working out at the gym 4-5 times a week helped me reach my goal weight and feel great as a reward."


Health & Lifestyle x Event nutrition

"Hannah has made a tremendous impact on my dietary and well-being behaviours. At the end of January 2014 I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. Therefore, participating in the 6-week Nutrition Challenge was a pro-active step to take stock and undertake sensible eating behaviours that were not overly intrusive and do-able in my busy university schedule. I had 4 weight loss weeks and 2 weight gain weeks recorded during the 6 week challenge. After dealing with ego issues around weight gain, I treated them as learning opportunities and indicators of how to manage these life road bumps. For example, I was able to make the association between stress and alcohol intake factors and will be mindful of potential stress traps. I have celebrated the weight losses because earned success is linked to hard work and effort. Further, I will endeavour to continue follow-up consultations with Hannah to reach my target weight. Again many thanks Hannah for our meaningful plans and programme implementation."


Health & Lifestyle

"I went to Hannah for nutrition advice when I gained weight living in a hall of residence. Hannah helped me develop a healthier approach to eating in a hall without having to miss out on any socialising or having to spend lots of extra money on other food. I found her meal plans easy to follow and I was surprised at how easy it was to make little changes and lose weight. I am now much more aware of how I should be eating and really loving how I have more energy. Hannah was really supportive and friendly, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants any sort of nutrition advice. I am especially looking forward to her supermarket tours next year when I am flatting. Thank you Hannah!"







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